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Cloud9 V2 Leads to Chameleon Bliss

A flurry of press releases rained down upon us this week to announce the availability a new version of Anarkik Angels' amazing software modelling tool Cloud9 and its inclusion in A1 Technologies Chameleon Package. If you don't know about Cloud9 or Chameleon and you are a 3D modeller, you should. 
Cloud9 is a 3D modelling tool with a difference: you view your model in true 3D! Using it with 3D glasses and a haptic interface permits you to literally reach into a virtual 3D world to construct and touch your model by intuitive clicking and dragging, much like you'd do in a 2D design tool. Except it's all 3D here. You must watch the video to properly understand the power of this tool. Note: Cloud9 requires Windows, XP or better.
Here's the key features that you don't usually see in a typical 3D modelling package:
  • being able to 'touch' and actually feel the 3 dimensional qualities of a virtual object
  • movement in all directions to interact, manipulate and construct objects within a 3D space
  • sense of touching and moving freely, tapping into our natural way of doing things
  • feel where you are, whether inside or outside objects
  • so easy to create organic shapes
  • changing the hardness/softness of virtual objects for different effects
  • straightforward, non-complex interface for a more intuitive way to sketch and modelling
According to Anarkik Angels, the new version includes:
  • New well designed Interface
  • reported bugs and crashes fixed so new version is more stable
  • Mirror objects
  • Shortcut keys for quicker operations, such as move/rotate object
  • Support for OBJ file format( with texture mapping import capability)
  • Export part of the model (export selected objects only)
  • Configurable AUTOSAVE function
  • Unit setting (mm, cm and meter)
  • Boolean (union, subtract and intersect two objects): this is at pre-alpha stage, included as it is usable in part, a useful tool and fun!
Chameleon is a complete 3D modelling package that includes not only Cloud9, but also the necessary haptic controller. The combo is available now for only  £495.00 (USD$750). This package apparently does not include 3D glasses or the special keypad that appear in the video.

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