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The BotMill Glider

A new printer has just been announced from BotMill: The Glider. This RepRap-inspired printer includes a slew of great features, but the one we like best is this: It's Assembled. 
Here's the key features:
  • USB based printer (did we say "assembled" yet?)
  • Big build size of 20.3cm X by 20.3cm Y by 14cm Z. Huge!
  • Precision rods for very smooth and accurate operation
  • Prints both ABS and PLA plastics
  • Thick aluminum table
  • Stepper/Thermistor-based extruder with high-quality parts
  • Heated print bed
  • One pound of plastic (not sure if it's PLA or ABS)
  • Ships in different colors on request
  • No word on which software might be included; we assume you'd use the standard open source suite of 3D printing tools
Each item is "produced individually for each incoming order." We take that to mean "hand made". If this is as good as it looks, we fear a shipping backlog might develop if mass orders appear. 
BotMill chief Gil Mayron said:
BotMill set out to bring to market a very affordable consumer 3D printer with cutting-edge hardware and easy-to-use software. The BotMill Glider has been through all the tests and has proven a quality and standard that the consumer requires.
Priced at a discount of USD$1395 (from the apparently normal price of USD$1545), the Glider is available at BotMill's online store right now!

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