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Free 3D Printers!

We wrote about a mysterious program from MCOR in which they hinted they'd be giving away 3D printers at no charge. Certainly this deserves some investigation, and it turns out it's actually true! MCOR now no longer sells their paper-fuelled 3D printers. Instead they simply give them away!
But there's a catch, of course. You must sign up for one of their service plans, the least expensive being under £10K (USD$15,500) per year. That's right - per year. What do you get for this annual fee? Unlimited 3D printing. MCOR will resupply you with consumables in an "all you can eat" fashion. We're seeking more details on the programs now. 
This is a business model not yet seen in the 3D print industry, but there are programs like it for 2D printing that seem to work for many companies. Will it work in 3D printing? We'll find out.  

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