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Share That Model With OurBricks

You've cooked up an amazing 3D model and you'd like to show it off. . . to your mum who doesn't have a 3D modelling tool install or have any hope of getting one. What do you do? 
You use OurBricks - a new beta service that lets you share your 3D models online. The benefit? It works entirely through your web browser and requires no dedicated 3D model software at all. Viewers can twirl around the design from a browser window to examine all sides of your model. Now your mum can take a good look at that dancing hippopotamus you've been working on. 
The catch? There is one: your browser must be webGL-enabled, meaning it's either Google Chrome or Firefox. You'll have to turn on the webGL flag, too. Currently OurBricks accepts .OBJ and .COLLADA files. Enjoy! 

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