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Open Design Now Released

Today a new book has been released: "Open Design Now: Why Design Cannot Remain Exclusive". The book, a collaboration from Creative Commons Netherlands, the Premsela Dutch design and fashion institute, and Waag Society, focuses on the new design movement in which (theoretically) everyone can become a designer. Contributors to the tome include Marleen Stikker, Bre Pettis, Joris Laarman, Jos de Mul, John Thackara try to predict what might happen to design as it evolves into the future. Topics covered include "copyright, sustainability, education and social critique." 
Edited by Bas van Abel, Lucas Evers, Roel Klaassen, Peter Troxler, Open Design now is published by BIS Publishers under ISBN 978-90-6369-259-9. 
(Hat tip to Eva)

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