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Up! Supports Macs

Or will soon, according to a short mention in a recent post on PP3DP's blog: "The version of software that can be used on MAC will be released soon." Strangely, this was briefly stated at the tail end of a post on a new platform heating cable.
Soon the very powerful but end-user simple Up! software will be available on another platform. For those who haven't used Up!'s software, we think it has some very good characteristics, including a minimal user interface that focuses on the few important aspects, and a sophisticated way of generating support structures for almost any object - and their supports work well even though Up! prints in one material only from a single head. 
We think this is important because Macs are sometimes ignored by 3D printer manufacturers when they produce software. In recent years the percentage of people using Macs has dramatically increased, and has been even higher in certain creative groups. MakerBot and RepRap do support Windows, Mac and Linux through the versatile ReplicatorG software, but thus far BFB/RapMan offers only Windows software solutions. 
Via PP3DP (Hat tip to Phil)

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