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Sculpteo's Cloud Engine

3D print service Sculpteo announced their "3D Printing Cloud Engine" that provides a way for websites to create online stores for 3D printed items. 
The service apparently permits customization of 3D models to some degree. The customized models are then automatically submitted to Sculpteo's print service for production and shipping. Sculpteo also says they can "source third party production facilities in order to provide you with a solution in your own country or region", meaning they'll subcontract 3D printing if required. 
There's not much detail about this service available yet, but it could be quite interesting for some vendors who offer specific products. It appears that you would embed a new Sculpteo widget on your site that links into the new service. 
We're also wondering whether this service collides in any way with Kraftwurx's patent application, as it is based on the idea of customizing 3D models for printing. 

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