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Open3DP Goes Closed3DP?

The folks at the University of Washington who've been doing stellar work researching 3D printing in concrete, ceramics, glass and other unusual materials have gone dark, so to speak. 
It appears that the suits at their university have issued new rules regarding participation with outside groups. Specifically, they say:
it has become increasingly apparent academic staff are not aware that engaging in outside work with any potential economic benefit triggers the requirement for approval through submission of this form. This includes situations where the economic benefit could arise due to an equity interest in the company for which the work is being performed, or due to potential benefit through intellectual property interests.  It also includes any work where there is an entitlement to compensation, even if that compensation is waived or donated. 
While this means Open3DP'rs work silently behind the curtain, it also means the rest of us won't see or benefit from their amazing inventions. We're quite disappointed, as the researchers must be. Hopefully they'll be able to resolve the situation in the future. 

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