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Articulate Your Own Mesh!

The other week we wrote about Moritz Bächer's amazing software that is able to read a 3D model of a figurine and automatically determine where the joints occur. If that wasn't enough, the software goes as far as to generate a new 3D models of all the limbs including movable joints. In other words, it converts a static 3D figurine into a posable model!
The software was developed as a research project at Harvard. As such, you're not able to use it yourself, unless you're pals with Moritz Bächer. 
But there is good news. According to Bächer:
We are working together with Harvard's Office of Technology Development to commercialize it. 
That's very good news. It means you'll be able to perform this magic feat on your own 3D models sometime in the future. Bächer adds that he will post further information on his website as developments occur. 

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