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Cubify's Rings and Earrings

Cubify has been very busy lately. They've introduced a way to "design and personalize your own rings" very soon after launching a similar method for producing customized earrings. 
Both cubify "apps" work similarly: select various physical features of rings or earrings. The apps include a very wide variety of preselected shapes and icons, as well as letters and digits for setting up a very personalized message or name. A snappy 3D viewer allows you to twirl the created object around to see how it looks from all sides. Once you've finished with the design you hit the "Make it Real" tab to save the generated STL 3D model. At that point you can print it on your personal 3D printer or send it to a 3D print service for production. 
We think these apps are a fantastic service, not only for Cubify owners but anyone involved in 3D printing. It is trivial to create some very nice customized objects using these tools. One can imagine asking children or technically inhibited adults to rapidly design their ring, earrings, tags, robots, spaceships or crown - and then thrill them by printing it out. 
Well done, Cubify!
Via Cubify

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