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One More Designer: Dizingof

After publishing Chris Waldo's terrific "Showcase of Influential 3D Print Artists" the other week, we received a suggestion of another artist who might have been missed: Dizingof. Under his real name, Tel Aviv-based Asher Nahmias, specializes in mathematically-generated 3D models, or "math art". 
Dizingof's creations are typically complex, flowing and invariably beautiful. Browsing through his extensive portfolio of dozens of designs, you'll see vases, jewelry, bowls, lamp shades and a few trays and holders, but mostly it's just art, amazing mathematical art. On his Thingiverse page he says: 
My aim is to raise the bar of the free 3D content for your personal/work 3D Printer.
You can find and even purchase his works on a wide variety of 3D printing service sites, including Ponoko, GrabCAD and i.Materialise. You won't find him on Shapeways, however, due to a controversy you can read about here
You'll also find him on Thingiverse, where he's offered over 100 3D models free for download. 

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