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MakerBot's Retail Expansion

MakerBot opened the first dedicated retail 3D printer store on New York City's Mulberry street some years ago. While MakerBot continued retail operations by partnering with others, the lone MakerBot store stood alone at the tip of Manhattan Island. 
Until now. 
MakerBot has announced they will open not one, but two additional MakerBot retail stores, to be located in Boston and Greenwich, CT. The Boston store will be located at 144 Newbury st, one block of the famous Bolyston street. In Greenwich, the new store will be sited at 72 Greenwich Avenue, in downtown Greenwich. 
While Greenwich is a much smaller city than Boston, it is known for its high-tech community. The presence of MakerBot in this city suggests they have plans to roll out to a great many locations. This could prove the difference in future marketing as they'll be able to more easily reach prospective customers and service machines than their competitors. 

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