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Bee The First - A Portable 3D Printer

We managed to get a first hand look at a very unique 3D printer, BeeTheFirst from Portugal-based BeeVeryCreative. 
While the device has mechanical characteristics similar to most 3D printers of its category, it has a very unique design that includes a handle for easy portage. 
BeeTheFirst is a 20 pound unit that prints PLA only with very low noise levels.
One curious aspect of the printer is the filament spools. They are a custom size due to the design of the device. While you probably could spool generic filament on these rather small spools, you will likely end up buying from BeeVeryCreative for fit. 
Currently it's on sale in the EU for €1805 (USD$2450) through online sales. The company is working on developing physical retail sales and is seeking UL compliance to permit sales in the USA. 
Via BeeVeryCreative (Portuguese)

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