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3D Printed Business Cards. Er, Cubes

CallingCube's new product serves the same function as a business card: to get you noticed and remembered by a contact. Like a calling card, the CallingCube can contain information and logos. 
But it's a cube. A 3D printed cube. 
To get your own, you simply specify characters and images to be placed on up to six side of a cube using an easy online service. The cube is then printed in batches of 20 at a cost of USD$99 per batch. 
Not sure? CallingCube offers a free sample cube with stock text and logos for no charge - and they don't even charge for shipping (if you're in the USA, that is.)
Will this work? Sure, they can print them for you, but will it make a difference with your business correspondents? We think so, because, as CallingCube says: it's "The premium business card they won't throw away™"
Would you throw a CallingCube away? Think about it. 

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