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Meet NEMO, The 3D Water Printer

We've been given exclusive pre-public access to a new 3D printer project that could appear on crowdfunding sites very soon: NEMO, the 3D Water Printer. The project is being kept behind closed doors as much as possible, but we were permitted to publish the image above showing a portion of NEMO's unique internals.
We spoke with project leader Zone Teedball, who described NEMO's objectives: 
Our clients have huge issues printing water-based objects and we aim to solve that problem. Solve it we did! NEMO's design should be able to produce very high-quality 3D water prints at an unbeatable low cost.  
Indeed, we believe material cost for NEMO will definitely be the lowest cost of all personal 3D printers - because it simply requires nothing but plain old water. 
But you still must be careful, even though costs are low. Teedball says NEMO is unable to print salt water. We suspect salt water may introduce corrosion in NEMO's unique water extruder. If you live by the sea, you might consider getting a second water extruder as backup. 
But how well does the NEMO print? At this early stage, Teedball was hesitant to reveal precise statistics, saying that the initial water prints are "a bit loose".

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