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Skanect Under New Management

Skanect is now part of Occipital, Inc., according to an announcement by Skanect. Skanect produces one of the most powerful systems for capturing casual 3D scans with a Microsoft Kinect. 
Occipital produces 360 degrees panoramas and related computer vision products, so acquiring Skanect seems like a logical extension of their existing business. 
The release also states there will be no change in the development of Skanect. They say: 
We will continue to actively develop Skanect within Occipital, and we strongly believe that our new environment will allow us to bring much better 3D scanning to more people on even more platforms. In fact, it already has.
For the time being, not much will change for you, Skanect will be supported as before, the license scheme is unchanged, and the software will continue being maintained and extended.
Evidently ManCTL’s co-founders Nicolas Tisserand and Nicolas Burrus will joining Occipital’s team. This is good news for home 3D scanning enthusiasts, as Skanect is both very affordable and produces excellent scans. 

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