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A Collaborative 3D Printed Sculpture

Calgary-based PrintToPeer is experimenting with what could be the world's first crowd-printed sculpture. Anyone with access to a 3D printer can participate. 
The idea is quite simple: each participant signs up and is able to customize a single piece. The customized piece is converted into a 3D model and downloaded for you to print. You could use your own 3D printer, or perhaps you can use a 3D print service if you don't have access to one. Once your print is complete, you send it to the project, who then assemble it and many others into a gigantic 3D printed sculpture. They say: 
“Linked” will be the world’s first collaborative 3D sculpture, created by makers and hobbyists across the world. 3D printing is bringing open-source creativity to the physical world, and that's why we're making "Linked" - it's a celebration of the new-found power of the community.
It's not known how large the sculpture will be. It depends on the number of participants. Therefore, we strongly recommend you join this project and make your piece of "Linked". 
The completed sculpture will be presented to the public at the Beakerhead festival of art and engineering in Calgary on September 14th. 

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