Hands On with the Honeycomb 3D Modeler

A new web-based 3D modeler is emerging: HoneyComb3D.

The new tool is quite new and at this stage is only in the initial beta stage. While it doesn’t yet include a great many features, we can see it gradually growing into a full-fledged 3D modeling tool for casual designers. 

Our brief test with the tool showed that you could create basic 2D sketches and extrude them into 3D shapes. We made a simple “F”, our favorite letter. You can perform rotations, subtractions and other basic 3D modeling activities. Once you’ve completed the design you can export a printable STL file of your model, and it indeed works just fine. 

As this is a first release, we don’t expect much – but what we do see appears to work. According to fellow behind the project, Kenan O’Keefe: 

I started Honeycomb because of the huge need for simple CAD within the maker movement. I’ve been in love with CAD and 3D printing since I was in high school, so my dream is to inspire that same passion in the next generation of students and makers. 

Honeycomb right now is still a one-man project, but to speed things up, I’m looking to open source some of the functionality so that new features can be built with the help of the community.

That’s where you step in. Sign up for beta access at the link below. 

Via Honeycomb

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