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Lithoz’s CeraFab 7500’s New Capabilities

cerafab 7500 overview.jpg

The CeraFab 7500 from Lithoz has been available for a while now, but recently they’ve discovered a new use: producing casting cores.

The €220,000 (USD$275,000) CeraFab 7500 is capable of 3D printing amazingly detailed ceramic models, but evidently client enquiries caused them to investigate whether they could produce casting cores on the machine. This is done through the use of a newly-developed material for the 7500, and should permit more efficient production of nickel-based superalloy turbine engine components. 

cerafab control panel.jpg

The CeraFab 7500 has a build volume of 76 x 43 x 150mm and can lay down material as thin as 0.040mm at a rate of 100 layers (12mm) per hour using its internal LED light engine. 

They’re always working on new materials, but we’re told alumina and zirconia are in the mix. 

The Vienna-based Lithoz company is still a relatively new company, but their sales have doubled in the past year, with their staff growing to 17 with more hires expected. 

Via Lithoz

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