Bhold’s Boutique 3D Prints

Bhold’s Boutique 3D Prints

3D printers may permit the creation of almost any object, but what object? The key to success is now good design, such as we found in Bhold’s collection. 

Bhold is a new design venture, launched in 2013, that focuses on objects that are both functional and beautiful. And 3D printable, too. The image at top is their custom ceramic tumbler, which includes an air gap between the hot fluid container and cool exterior surface touched by your fingers. Ingenious! 

Bhold’s Boutique 3D Prints

This curious item is their utility hook. 

Bhold’s Boutique 3D Prints

On the left is an earphone winder, which fits together with the utility hook on the right. It’s a combo product with two functions. 

Some designers may begin their commercial 3D print activities by using Shapeways’ 3D print service as their sales platform, but not BHold. They began selling directly from their own site to enable specialized packaging and feedback from clients.

Their business model involves consumer purchases that are then sent to the big 3D print services, such as Shapeways, for actual 3D printing. That leaves Bhold to focus on the design.

As they should. 

Via BHold

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