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The Robo3D Printer

Robo3D printer.jpg

It’s a familiar story: a group of makers wants a 3D printer, but they can’t afford one. So they build their own and realize it’s good enough to sell. That’s the genesis of the Robo3D personal 3D printer. 

The Robo3D isn’t just about building a working 3D printer; the designers have attempted to remove as many pain points as possible for the consumer. Those that have attempted to build a 3D printer know very well all the numerous things that can go wrong, so we believe that the Robo3D crew are in an excellent position to make things right. 

The USD$699 machine includes a large build volume, Wifi, quick start videos, pre-calibrated bed, configuration walk throughs, a heated bed and custom software designed for ease of use. Combined with the quirky case design, we think this could be an excellent machine for home. 

We understand they’re working on a more advanced version that will include a second extruder. 

Robo3D Box.jpg

The machine debuted on Kickstarter and sold around 1,000 units. It’s now in full production and ready for you to place your order. With a box like this, we’re expecting the Robo3D to show up in your neighborhood store soon. 

Via Robo3D

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