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Amazon Pilots a 3D Printed Marketplace with 3DLT

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The technology of 3D printing just got a bit more mainstream with an announcement from one of online retail giant Amazon’s sellers. 

3DLT is longtime standalone 3D printing marketplace where designers can post 3D models for consumer purchase and/or download. They’ve been extending their reach by offering 3D printed objects for sale on Amazon. But there’s been a problem. 

Amazon did not offer a 3D printed marketplace where visitors could quickly locate 3D printed items. 

Until now. A press release from 3DLT indicates they’ve been participating in a new Amazon pilot project that enables 3DLT to present a “3D Printed Products Storefront” that highlights their 3D printed nature. Previously 3D printed items were simply the same as any other sale item. 

Ultimately we’d like to see a base category of “3D Printed” added to Amazon’s search box, joining “Books”, “Electronics” and other categories. But this is a good start and complements Amazon’s recent moves into selling 3D printers. 

Via 3DLT (PDF)

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