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Buy a 3D Printed Stadium

There’s quite a few 3D print services out there today and it’s hard for services to distinguish themselves. One strategy is to specialize and that’s what ZVerse does. They specialize in Sports. 

Sports? ZVerse offers 3D printed color models of US college sports-related objects, such as mascot-like team figurines, team logo fridge magnets and team photo reliefs. However, the jewel we noticed was the amazing collection of 3D printed stadiums, as shown above. They currently offer a selection of eight stadiums, priced from USD$100-150 each. However, we suspect most customers would buy only one: the stadium for their favorite team. 

Coincidentally, ZVerse’s HQ is located mere steps from the University of South Carolina’s Williams-Brice Stadium, one of their products. 

There’s likely a big market for this type of 3D printed product, but we suspect it may not grow as fast as you’d think. The limiting factor is likely licensing requirements. The rights to many pro sports facilities (and all logos and mascots) are owned by teams who would have to strike a deal before they’d permit use of their property. There may be several publicly-owned stadiums and arenas that might be usable. 

Via Zverse

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