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Design of the Week: Scaled World Cup

This week’s selection is the FIFA Scaled World Cup by Thingiverse designer Missy P. 

What else could we select the day after the trophy was awarded? Sure, you may have watched the game and dreamed of winning the trophy, but of course that’s highly unlikely to ever happen.

But you can print yourself a replica, which is a good outcome for any 3D printer owner. 

There are actually many 3D models of the famous World Cup available, but we chose Missy P’s as design of the week for several reasons. First, it looked very much like the actual cup; some of the designs really didn’t seem cup-like to us. Secondly, Missy P has prepared a full-size version that is conveniently split into two printable parts that can fit into the build volume of many 3D printers. 

Whether your team won or lost, you can always have a cup of your own. But only if you have golden-colored filament. 

Via Thingiverse

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