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Robo3D’s Stealth 3D Printer

Robo3D has been working on a not-so-secret “Stealth” 3D printer. 

That’s actually the product’s name: Stealth. From the outside, it does indeed have a truly stealthy-appearing black skin, but there’s a lot more to this item than looks. 

The R1 Stealth includes touch screen graphics and possibly a WiFi link to complement its SD card interface. It includes a heated build platform enabling the ability to print multiple material types at a layer size of only 0.05mm. 

The Stealth also includes a “smart LED” system that provides feedback by means of color display. For example, the machine can “glow red” when heating, or flash off and on when a print completes. You can choose a color scheme in the machine settings. 

The machine also includes an auto-leveling feature. The print head moves about the platform to measure the position of various spots and then in software dynamically adjusts the platform height during the first layer. This almost always ensures proper sticking and dramatically increases print reliability. 

Robo3d anticipates a spring 2015 release for the Stealth, with a price of around USD$1,100-1,200. 

Via Robo3D

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