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The Many Materials of Airwolf 3D

One of Airwolf 3D’s claims to fame is their ability to print with many materials. 

They demonstrated this well at CES 2015 with the display above showing actual examples of prints in a great many different materials. For those requiring prints with materials of differing properties, this could be the line of machines you should investigate. 

Another excellent example of how multiple materials can be effectively used is this 3D printed dress. The comfortable and attractive dress shown by the model above was printed entirely on an Airwolf 3D desktop 3D printer. It looks - and is - entirely wearable. 

The process involves printing in both flexible and hard materials in a single print operation. Here you can see a portion of the dress being printed. The bottom layers are flexible, while the top layers are rigid. Dress segments such as these are attached to form the dress, which, of course, can be sized precisely for the wearer. 

Airwolf 3D produces a line of several personal 3D printers that can handle multiple materials. The AW3D HD in particular can print with more than fifteen different filament types. Combine that with the robustness of the machine and Airwolf 3D’s equipment could be what you’re looking for. 

Via Airwolf 3D

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