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Design of the Week: OpenR/C Formula 1 Car

This week’s selection is the amazing OpenR/C Formula 1 Car by Pinshape contributor Daniel Noree. 

This “3D model” is really a project: it’s composed of over thirty separately printable parts, which you must carefully assemble into a fully working R/C car. 

The car is mostly 3D printed, although you’ll need to add an electronics kit to make it actually move. You can print most of the parts in typical 3D print material such as ABS or PLA (although for an R/C car we suggest materials stronger than PLA might be appropriate, such as ABS, PHA or Nylon). You will need to print the tires in a flexible material, however, and it’s recommended you use TPE plastic for them. They say you’ll need about half a kilo of plastic to print all the parts. 

This is actually the fifth release from the OpenRC project, having been started in 2012 and released a touring car and quadcopter among other projects in the past. 

Having learned from previous models, the Formula 1 Car model is specifically designed to be easier to construct. 

Given that this model comes from the OpenRC project, you’d expect it to be made available at no charge - and this is the case here. You can freely download the part models from Pinshape at the link below. 

Via Pinshape

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