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FormFutura Introduces ClearScent ABS Filament

FormFutura has introduced a new ABS plastic variant that apparently has no scent during printing. 

“ClearScent” ABS is not only un-smellable, but it is also un-seeable: it’s transparent! FormFutura says 90% of light passes through the material, making it ideal for unusual 3D printing projects. 

ClearScent carries the normal characteristics of ABS, such as melting temperature and strength, requires a heated build surface and can be smoothed with acetone, it does not emit unpleasant and perhaps toxic odors during printing as common ABS does. While it does not smell, we do not see any indication of official safety certifications. 

It’s previously been possible to print sortof-transparent objects with PET filament, but ClearScent appears to be even more transparent, and it’s somewhat less expensive than PET filament. Currently it’s priced at €33 (USD$38), or around USD$50 per kilo, but FormFutura sells ClearScent only in 750g spools. 

Currently FormFutura offers this material in three colors: transparent red, transparent “dark” (which looks a lot like blue to us) and totally clear. More than likely additional colors will appear in the future. 

Via FormFutura

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