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The PIRX one Debuts

PIRX 3D has launched the PIRX 1.0, a very interesting consumer 3D printer. 

We first encountered PIRX at last fall’s London 3D Printshow, where we were impressed with their experimental color 3D printing prototype. That capability does not appear to be included in this announcement, as the “one” is a monocolor 3D printer. 

The attractive filament extruding machine has some impressive statistics. In its generous 210 x 270 x 210 build volume, it can print layers as small as 0.03mm (30 microns). A wide variety of materials are supported due to the included heated print surface; PLA, Nylon, PS, Laywood, Ninjaflex, ABS and more can work in this machine. 

According to PIRX 3D, the machine can print at “high speed”. Although we’re not sure of the exact speeds, the machine is built from “high-quality parts, custom made linear guides and optical Z end stops”, so it’s likely this is true. Regardless, the prints look pretty darn good, as you can see here. 

The key feature of the PIRX 1.0 is automatic bed leveling. Here’s how it works: before print commences, a sensor checks the bed height at several positions. From these measurements, the software understands the tilt of the bed, even if only slightly tilted. Then the first layer print is dynamically adjusted by raising and lowering the bed very slightly to compensate for the tilt as the extruder moves about. This is a feature that should be included on every 3D printer. 

What’s missing? Just the color printing we saw in the prototype. But before you can do that, you must sell the “basic” machine. It won’t be surprising if they announce a color feature on future machines, but for now, you can order a PIRX 1.0 for only €1200 (USD$1360). 


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