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The Solarimpulse Has Been 3D’d

We were directed to a 3D model of the soon-to-be famous Solarimpulse.

What’s a “Solarimpulse”? If you haven’t heard, it’s an experimental aircraft with a difference: it’s completely solar powered and is now attempting an around the world journey, the first time ever attempted by a solar-powered craft. 

The journey is not a non-stop one; the aircraft sets down periodically along the way. While non-stop global circuits have been done in other aircraft, the first circumnavigations were similarly performed in a series of stops. In this case it makes a lot more sense, as we suspect Solarimpulse may have a bit of trouble flying at night. 

The 3D model in question is actually an official version directly from the Solarimpulse team. They’ve created a highly accurate 3D model and posted it to SketchFab, where it can be viewed in 360 degrees. 

The team has also uploaded a 3D model of our planet with the aircraft’s intended route. 

Unfortunately, while you can view this terrific 3D model online, you cannot download it for 3D printing. We were unable to find any other downloadable 3D models of the aircraft on any of the usual  3D model repository sites. Perhaps the Solarimpulse team will reconsider and permit downloading of this model in the future; Aerospace enthusiasts worldwide will thank them! 

Via SketchFab and Solarimpulse

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