Five Years Ago In 3D Printing

We’ve been writing Fabbaloo for quite a few years now. So long that it’s time to take a look back to examine the prehistoric world of 3D printing of five years ago. 

We. Touched. It.

The rather simple plastic item shown above happened to be in the possession of certain individuals at 3D Systems’ booth at EuroMold 2013.    What is it, exactly? We don’t really know or care, because that’s not its important characteristic.    It is the very first 3D printed object. Ever.    Made some 30 years… Continue reading We. Touched. It.

Be Your Own Souvenir!

It’s not new but we just bumped into an interesting video of a project that took place in 2011 in Barcelona, Spain. The “Be Your Own Souvenir: A Take-Away Experience” project by blablabLAB won Honorary Mention in the Prix Electronica 2011.     As you’ll see in the video, passers-by were enticed into posing for… Continue reading Be Your Own Souvenir!

3D Printer History: The Festo iFab 3D Printer

We ran across an experimental 3D printer developed years ago by Festo, a German industrial conglomerate. The iFab was designed in 2009 by Festo’s Bionic Learning Network, but seems to have never been marketed publicly.    The iFab is an early example of a non-cartesian 3D printer. “Cartesian” 3D printers use standard “X-Y-Z” movements as… Continue reading 3D Printer History: The Festo iFab 3D Printer

Prehistoric 3D Printing Video

And now some 3D Printing history. This amazing historic TV clip originates with a show entitled, “Good Morning America” and is dated from 1989 – twenty-four years ago.    It’s so ancient they don’t even refer to the process as “3D Printing”, but use “Stereolithography”, the name of the process just then invented by Chuck… Continue reading Prehistoric 3D Printing Video

3D Printed Weaponry Now Functional

Another first for 3D printing: A pistol constructed from 3D printed parts has been successfully fired.    The gun design was an AR-15, a “a lightweight, 5.56 mm, air-cooled, gas-operated, magazine-fed, semi-automatic rifle”, according to Wikipedia. Gun enthusiast HaveBlue selected this configuration due to its small caliber and the uncertainty of whether the 3D printed parts would withstand… Continue reading 3D Printed Weaponry Now Functional

3D Printing A Canadian Cabinet Minister

During an official visit to the AssentWorks Makerspace in Winnipeg, Canadian Federal Cabinet Minister Tony Clement had his picture taken numerous times, as typically happens on such public events – but one of those images was a 3D scan.    Readers all know what happens when someone is 3D scanned: a 3D print emerges shortly… Continue reading 3D Printing A Canadian Cabinet Minister

Dinosaur Printing in Detail

There’s a terrific article on The Verge describing all the details of actual Dinosaur printing. That’s the science of 3D scanning dinosaur fossils and using 3D printing technology to produce accurate replicas of the bones.    Why do this? Why not just use the original bones? It turns out there are a number of benefits.… Continue reading Dinosaur Printing in Detail