Low Cost, 3D Printed UAV Test Bed

3D Printing firm Solid Concepts has partnered with aerospace engineering firm Area-I to create a scale model of a 737 used to simulate real-world aerodynamics.   Named the Prototype-Technology Evaluation and Research Aircraft (PTERA), the model craft serves as an inexpensive and safe bridge between wind tunnel evaluations and manned flight tests. During each flight… Continue reading Low Cost, 3D Printed UAV Test Bed

Stratasys Tech Flys UAVs

One of Stratasys’ clients is UAV Solutions of Maryland, who, obviously, manufacture UAVs. But they now do this with 3D printing.    Their journey is similar to many manufacturers who encounter 3D printing: at first it’s a novelty, then it becomes something used for unusual situations and finally:    3D printing has now “crept” into… Continue reading Stratasys Tech Flys UAVs

Gigantic Titanium Printing: Aeroswift

A brief press release from CSIR, South Africa’s Council for Scientific and Industrial Research announced a three-way partnership to develop “titanium powder-based additive layer manufacturing for fabrication of large and complex aerospace components.”   The other partners in this venture are Aerosud, a South African-based aerospace manufacturer and the more well-known Airbus.    CSIR provides… Continue reading Gigantic Titanium Printing: Aeroswift

AirBus Envisions Gigantic 3D Printer?

The designers at Airbus propose creating a giant 80m x 80m 3D printer to produce entire aircraft. Whoa, that’s a near-outrageous statement, but it appears in an article published in Forbes, where Airbus seems to have a rationalization for such a project: their future visions cannot be easily made with conventional manufacturing approaches, as you… Continue reading AirBus Envisions Gigantic 3D Printer?

Flying a 3D Printed Airplane

3D printed parts have been in production aircraft for some years now, but what about printing an Entire Aircraft? That’s what researchers Andy Keane and Jim Scanlan from the University of Southampton achieved.  The 2 metre wingspan unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) has both impressive design and performance:    Almost 100Mph (160Kph) flight speed Near silent… Continue reading Flying a 3D Printed Airplane

Fabricating UAVs

UAVs, or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, seem to be slowly taking over air forces around the world. It turns out that a key contributor to some of these vehicles is Laser Sintered parts. Many parts can be fabricated using this technology, and they are “stable in hot environments and are tough, pliable, and robust in harsh… Continue reading Fabricating UAVs