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Jeremy Clarkson Hired By Ultimaker

In a bold move, 3D printer manufacturer Ultimaker has engaged well known British presenter Jeremy Clarkson as their new 3D printing spokesperson. 

Clarkson, best known for his sometimes controversial antics on (and off) the BBC’s Top Gear automotive show, now moves into the 21st century by promoting 3D printing gear from Ultimaker. 

This move is not as surprising as you might think, as the other major personal 3D printer manufacturers already have charismatic spokespersons: MakerBot has benefited tremendously from the work of founder Bre Pettis, while 3D Systems engaged popular musician Will.I.Am as their Chief Creative Officer in 2014. Now Ultimaker makes a similar move, taking advantage of Clarkson’s recent and rather sudden availability. 

We asked Clarkson about this new role, and he responded in his usual manner: 

While these printers don’t yet run on petrol, I think they’re OK. Stunning, even. I’m more excited than a chimp in a barrel of bananas to get started 3D printing! How hard can it be? 

What’s not yet known is whether the rest of Clarkson’s former Top Gear team will make the jump into 3D printing, as it is quite possible they may also become available should the BBC significantly rework the Top Gear program. If so, we could see the development of a new 3D print review TV show, "Top Extruder". 

Ultimaker declined to comment. Obviously. 

Media Credit: Wikipedia and Wikipedia

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