Imagine 3D Miniatures

Did you know there’s a service where you can customize 3D printable gaming miniatures?

The service is Imagine 3D Miniatures, and it’s sole purpose is to provide a way to generate some very detailed 3D models of Humans, Orcs or Mounts. 

You begin with a rather plain-looking human form in one of several selectable poses and then the fun begins. Imagine 3D Miniatures provides a great deal of options to customize the figure, including faces, feet, hands, legs and also various handheld or worn equipment. 

We quickly designed this tough-looking fellow in only a few minutes. The service is indeed very easy to use, and not with an interface designed for grade three students, either. 

Once you’ve completed composing your figure, you select a material in which to produce it. Options include “Frosted Detail Plastic Material” or “Frosted Ultra Detail Plastic Material”

The prints will appear in a single color, but can be finished in as much detail as you’d care to invest. Here we see an example of a very finely finished 3D print from the service. 

You are not able to download the composed models, as Imagine 3D Miniatures operates as a very specialized 3D print service. 

We think this is a very good idea, as the market for small figurines is huge. Many people collect figurines for gaming or just for fun, with some spending a great deal of hobby time painting and finishing standard figures purchased from conventional outlets. This service enables folks like them to design new and unique figures for their own use.

Currently, the site appears to be open, but when you get down to ordering, it informs you that “The shop is not yet available. Sign in and we will inform you when the store is running.” There’s no word on when this service may open, but we’re certain it will be popular. 

Via Imagine 3D Miniatures

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