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Design of the Week: Cinder Blocks

This week’s selection goes to Reddit contributor rip1980 for “Cinder Blocks”. 

This design and application actually began as a workplace prank. rip1980 explains: 

Printed tiny cinder-blocks and mugged a co-workers car collection while he was off today. Added some 2d environment to help. Not earth shattering but I like it.

The wheels were removed from the model cars, which were placed up on the 3D printed cinder blocks, simulating a robbery. Artwork behind the cars added to the effect. 

While the design is extremely simple in this case - in fact, so simple most people could design the block themselves without need for downloading the 3D model, there’s more to consider. 

Consider that this prank could not have been easily attempted without the ability to simply create the props necessary with 3D printing. Here we have a case where someone had a great prank idea and was able to execute on it in short order. 

This is the beauty of 3D printing, in the form a cinder block: the ability to make things immediately from your imagination is a power everyone should get used to.

Via Reddit and Thingiverse

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