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The LumiPocket LT: More Than Just a 3D Printer

Lumi Industries has launched a new inexpensive 3D printer that can do more than 3D printing: the LumiPocket LT. 

Lumi is not new to 3D printing. The company previously produced the Lumifold and Lumipocket resin-based 3D printers, both of which made their funding objectives on Indiegogo. 

Now the company has developed a new machine, the LumiPocket LT and has launched it on a new Kickstarter campaign. 

They’re actually calling it a “Revolutionary Personal Fabricator”, because they’re leveraging the on-board laser to do more than just 3D printing. 

But first, the 3D printing part. This is a resin-based 3D printer, which uses a laser to solidify a UV-curable resin to form solid layers. As printing proceeds, successive layers adhere to each other to complete an object. 

The LumiPocket LT can 3D print within a 100 x 100mm cylindrical volume, and can produce layers as small as 0.05mm. For X-Y resolution, the machine can be as accurate as 0.10mm. 

The interesting feature is the unusual mechanism used to move the laser. They’ve developed a “Selective Compliance Articulated Robot Arm”, or “SCARA” system shown here. The idea is that it can cover the entire print area, yet be folded up into a small size. 

And did we mention this item is small? It’s only 200 x 110 x 350 mm exterior dimensions, with a weight of only 1.8kg. 

Aside from 3D printing, there are two other functions this machine can provide: laser etching and PCB manufacturing. 

The laser etching simply re-uses the existing laser to burn marks onto 2D surfaces. The laser is very low power, only 0.2W, so you can’t do much damage with it. Consider this a means to lightly mark wood, cardboard and similar materials. 

For PCB manufacturing, the laser is also used to mark a pre-sensitized PCB blank, which can then be developed. 

Three fabrication technologies in one device. 

The cost of the LumiPocket LT is quite low, with initial early-birds receiving a breakthrough cost of only €399 (USD$450) for the kit. As units are sold, the price rises to €699 (USD$795), still a great price for an inexpensive resin 3D printer. 

Via Kickstarter

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