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BEEVERYCREATIVE’s Quental Steps Down

Desktop 3D printer manufacturer BEEVERYCREATIVE announced the departure of Diogo Quental, their CEO. 

Quental was one the co-founders of BEEVERYCREATIVE, now one of the more interesting desktop 3D printer manufacturers. As CEO he brought the company to its current position in the marketplace. 

The question always asked in such situations is, “why”? The reasons may have something to do with the health of the company, but apparently not in this case. BEEVERYCREATIVE’s official announcement says he has departed to pursue “personal projects”. But what might they be? 

It turns out Quental is now the founder or a new venture in 3D printing called, “GetReady4 3D”. It’s a very small startup that provides the following services: 

  • Workshops 
  • Franchise Package for workshop facilitators 
  • E-learning, available for download courses 
  • Collaboration with SMEs in: 
    • Identifying and implementing opportunities to use the 3DP technology 
    • Review of 3DP products, from user perspective 
    • Review of 3DP business plans 

And all this within the educational and small business market. It’s likely a good move, as there will be much business to be made in that sector for those functions. 

But what of BEEVERYCREATIVE? They’ve appointed a new CEO to replace Quental, Aurora Baptista. We’ve met Baptista and found her to be quite capable and personable. According to BEEVERYCREATIVE, she has over 30 years of business consulting and startup experience, which will prove quite valuable when operating BEEVERYCREATIVE. 

Good luck to both Quental and Baptista! 


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