Leasing or Buying Your 3D Printer?

Type A Machines’ “Print Pod”

I’ve just noticed that Type A Machines now offers leasing programs for acquiring their equipment, but is this something you should consider? 

Type A Machines produces high-quality desktop 3D printers for professionals. These machines are priced a bit higher than the inexpensive equipment that are appearing with more frequency lately simply because the equipment is more robust. 

But that higher cost can pose a challenge for some professionals who might not be able to afford the amount, particularly if purchasing a set of machines, such as their “Print Pod” shown at top. Rather than losing the customer through them buying the lower quality alternatives, Type A Machines has smartly offered a leasing program in which you pay smaller monthly amounts. 

For example, instead of laying out USD$3,600 for a printer, you could instead pay USD$73 per month for five years. At the end of the lease period, the unit would then be returned to the manufacturer, unless the lease is bought out. Type A Machines’ lease program fortunately offers a buyout for only USD$1. However, after five years you’re probably going to want to upgrade to a newer, current machine. 

You’ll end up paying a bit more by leasing, as you may have calculated, but in some cases leasing may be the only way to afford to acquire the machines. If you don’t have the cash, you have to lease – so long as you’re certain you can use the machines in a profitable manner for the lease period. 

But a lease or buy decision isn’t always determined by money. 

Sometimes a company may have a blanket policy regarding equipment: lease only. Companies may do so to ensure their cash flow is “smooth” over longer periods and thus predictable. 

On the other hand, sometimes circumstances demand purchasing instead of leasing. An example of this might be an organization that receives a government grant to purchase – but not lease – new equipment. 

Thus the decision is highly dependent on the specific scenario in your company. The good news, though, is that companies like Type A Machines offer a choice. 

Via Type A Machines

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