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Fabbaloo to Provide Free Support to 3D Print Initiatives

It's time to grow your community 3D print project

It's time to grow your community 3D print project

One of the main reasons this blog exists is to promote and grow 3D printing technology. Today we’re announcing a new program to help make that happen. 

We’ve always tried to highlight projects of interest from the 3D printing community, but now we want to go a bit further. No, we don’t have a stash of cash from which we can award grants, but we do have something that could be quite useful to projects: advertising space. 

We intend on awarding a quantity of free advertising space each month to qualified 3D print initiatives to help projects grow. In addition, we’ll highlight the project in a blog post. 

This coverage could bring more attention to your project, creating leads, users, supporters and brand awareness. For smaller initiatives, this could be critical to success. 

This program is not for everyone, as there are several qualifications, the most important of which are that the initiative must be a non-profit entity and is involved in a worthy venture related to 3D printing. Full details are listed on our new community page

Each month we’ll select a worthy project from the applications and set up an advertising slot for the selectee. 

Are you involved in a non-profit 3D print-related venture? If you’d like some coverage, let us know by applying to our Free Community Advertising program. Be sure to apply by the 20th of each month before the monthly application window closes. 

And be sure to pass this around to projects you feel would benefit. 

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