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Meet us at RAPID + TCT This Week

Fabbaloo is in Pittsburgh this week

Fabbaloo is in Pittsburgh this week

We’re on the road this week, attending the RAPID + TCT event this week in Pittsburgh. 

The event is going to be a large one for the 3D print community, as there are apparently over 330 exhibitors, all of which are directly related to 3D printing in some way. 

There will be 3D printer manufacturers, service bureaus, materials suppliers, software producers and many others. 

All of which we will somehow attempt to speak with during our visit. I’m not sure this is possible, as my arithmetic suggests we may have only 5 minutes per vendor. Less if we wish to eat lunch. 

Our plan is to visit as many vendors as possible, finding out the latest on equipment and services. We’re expecting a number of important announcements to occur as well, given the media attention to this event. Some of these announcements are already starting to leak out.

One issue with announcements is that there is usually an enormous collision with everyone announcing their new thing on the same day. We will look at them all, but may take several days to publish stories to inform you. 

There are expected to be a large number of attendees at this event as well. If you happen to be one of them, we’re always happy to meet with Fabbaloo readers. If you want to connect with us, just drop us a line and we can figure out how to meet.


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