These Glasses Will Protect Your Eyes During All-Day CAD Marathons

 Protective eyewear for CAD sessions [Source: SolidSmack]
Protective eyewear for CAD sessions [Source: SolidSmack]

In this era of near-all-day-long screen time for many, issues like eye strain, headaches, and poor vision are becoming the norm.

If you aren’t wearing glasses or contacts already, you may need them soon enough if you’re not glancing away every now and again.

Barner 2.0 | The Ultimate Computer Glasses

Barner is raising funds for Barner 2.0 | The Ultimate Computer Glasses on Kickstarter! High quality eyewear to protect your eyes from Blue Light providing you a better sleep and a healthier life.

In the meantime, you can also make the jump over to blue light-filtering computer glasses.

 Barner eyewear features [Source: SolidSmack]
Barner eyewear features [Source: SolidSmack]

Barner is one such company that creates these computer glasses and claims that they will not only protect your eyes, but also provide you with better sleep and “a healthier life”.

The company’s Barner 2.0 collection is an updated lineup of the signature frame designs with lenses that protect your eyes from 40% of harmful blue light and 100% of the same blue light at 410nm. The lenses are also scratch, static, and waterproof.

Replacing the acetate frames from the original Barner glasses, the 2.0 version uses polycarbonate frames which weigh .8oz. Flexible hinges allow the glasses to fit on any weirdly-shaped head (including yours!) and a rubberized texture on the nose bridge and ears keep the Barner 2.0 from falling off your face.

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