This Insane 3D Art Series Shines a Modern Light on Retro Technologies

 Julien Rivorie design [Source: SolidSmack] Julien Rivorie design [Source: SolidSmack]

If you’re ever on Twitter or Instagram, chances are you’ve come across your fair share of smooth animations and design photos.

You know the ones: 3D rendered clips and images that look and flow so well they have to be computer-generated.

One such person who works on these designs is Julien Rivorie – a 3D artist and graphic designer based in France. Using a mixture of softwares including Cinema 4D, Marvelous Desinger, Substance Designer, Autodesk Fusion 360, Adobe After Effects, and everyone’s favorite: Photoshop, Julien specializes in making CAD designs of retro tech.

While his works include ancient fossils like a Nokia 3310 phone, a Nintendo Game Boy, and a number of video game console controllers, he has also made concept designs mixing both modern day and past tech:

You’ve got a retro portable gaming console which plays Netflix-themed games, a portable WinAmp player, and a reimagined Game Boy design for the 21st century.

Read the rest at SolidSmack

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