3D Buried Treasure

Seattle’s Matt Westervelt contacted us to explain a new initiative being undertaken by Metrix Create:Space. They’re concerned with the skills required to successfully perform powder-based 3D printing. According to Matt:   3D powder-based printing is more than designing something digitally and pulling it out of a machine.  There is skill involved in removing the excess… Continue reading 3D Buried Treasure

O’Reilly Names 3D Printing Best Tech of The Decade, Sorta

That’s correct: James Turner at O’Reilly Radar has produced a list of what they believe to be the best (and worst) technologies of the past decade. Among the storied items on the list, “The Maker Culture” is prominently mentioned: There’s always been a DIY underground, covering everything from Ham radio to photography to model railroading.… Continue reading O’Reilly Names 3D Printing Best Tech of The Decade, Sorta

What Is This Called Again?

A lively discussion erupted recently over the terminology used to refer to our favorite technology. As you’ve probably noticed, manufacturers use all manner of words to describe their particular form of digital manufacturing. We’ve heard terms like: “Rapid Manufacturing”, “Rapid Prototyping”, “3D Printing”, “Additive Fabrication” and many variations. Terry Wohlers believes that the term “3D… Continue reading What Is This Called Again?

Advances in 3D Imaging

New tech created by researchers from The Johns Hopkins University and Ben-Gurion University in Israel may greatly simplify 3D imaging of real objects. The FINCH technology (standing for Fresnel INcoherent Correlation Holography) uses a specialized arrangement of filters, lights and cameras to capture 3D information without having to scan individual planes of an object. While… Continue reading Advances in 3D Imaging

Simon Wardley Speaks

Simon Wardley posts a 24 minute video of his talk from the September 2006 EuroOscon, in which he speculates about the affects of 3D printing technology on the future of manufacturing – including the revolutionary concept of a kind of “hardware compiler”. This simultaneously interesting and amusing presentation covers the historical view of how such… Continue reading Simon Wardley Speaks

PolyJet Video

Further to this post, Objet has posted a video of their new composite-media technology, using the Connex 500 3D printer. The video shows how two reservoirs of different media can be used to produce objects not previously printable in a single pass. Watch the production of cellphone covers with differently colored keypads, a hairbrush and… Continue reading PolyJet Video