Spring Cleaning At Fabbaloo



, Spring Cleaning At Fabbaloo

Spring cleaning! This is a bit more literal than what we have going on, but you get it. [Image: Pixabay]


We have something up our sleeves here at Fabbaloo.

Even though it snowed depressingly recently both in Cleveland, where I’m based, and in Winnipeg where Kerry and Marney are, it’s still actually spring — and that means time for a bit of cleaning, a bit of change!

We’re getting into the spring spirit with some big changes over here, and you’ll see the fruits of these soon.

On Monday, in fact.

While you’ll notice some changes visually, the bulk of what we have going on really only impacts our team as we get used to some new workflows. But your overall experience will be unchanged: we’ll be bringing you 3D printing analysis, insights, and news on a daily basis.

The back-end goodness will mean we’re taking a little time off the public face this weekend to let the tech aspects sort smoothly, so things will be just a bit quiet from us the next two days.

We’ll be back in action Monday morning, bright and fresh — and we can’t wait to hear what you think of the updates!

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