3D Systems Announces Sweeping Changes
3D Systems

3D Systems Announces Sweeping Changes

3D Systems, one of the leading 3D printer manufacturers, announced a series of sweeping changes to their operations and outlook.

DyeMansion Raises $14M Series B

DyeMansion Raises $14M Series B

German additive manufacturing post-processing company DyeMansion has closed a $14 million Series B funding round.

The Rise Of The German 3D Printing Subsidiary

The Rise Of The German 3D Printing Subsidiary

Germany is Europe’s largest market for 3D printing and continues to attract new business — including from existing companies establishing operations in the country.

Briggs & Stratton Bankruptcy And 3D Printing
3D Systems

Briggs & Stratton Bankruptcy And 3D Printing

Charles R. Goulding and Peter Favata explore 3D printing implications from Brigs & Stratton’s use of the technology — and their recently-announced bankruptcy filing.

Cleanse Your Balance Sheet Now

Cleanse Your Balance Sheet Now

Charles R. Goulding and Preeti Sulibhavi think that as we emerge from the global coronavirus pandemic, companies should consider emerging with a newer, cleaner balance sheet — with the help of 3D printing.


Ametek: Stealth Giant and 3D Printing

Charles R. Goulding and Ryan Donley examine the “stealth giant” Ametek’s relation to 3D printing. In their June 22nd article entitled 4 Industrial Stocks to Bet on

3D Alliances

Evaluating Industrial 3D Printing Systems

With in-person industry events at a standstill, a new endeavor has launched to enable companies to meet and evaluate industrial 3D printing.


IPOs, Timing, and 3D Printing

Charlie Goulding and Preeti Sulibhavi examine the potential for major IPOs in the 3D printing industry.

3D Systems

3D Systems Names New CEO

After a lengthy search, 3D Systems announced their new CEO: Jeffrey Graves to replace retiring Vyomesh Joshi after a four year term.


HP Inc. Escapes To New Opportunities

Charles R. Goulding and Preeti Sulibhavi dig into post-Xerox-bid HP and what that future might look like from the 3D printing perspective.

3D Systems

3D Systems Release First COVID-19 Period Financials

It’s the end of the first quarter of 2020 and financial results are now appearing, showing the first effects of COVID-19 on major 3D printing companies. We look at what the company did.


Sonda SYS Lands In North America

Sonda SYS has made arrangements to open up sales of their line of 3D printers in North America, gaining a new audience for their unusual SL02 dual-size machine.


Analyzing Trade Show ROI Metrics

Charles R. Goulding and Preeti Sulibhavi dig into the metrics of return on investment from trade shows.


3D Systems Stock Gets an Unexpected Boost

3D Systems’ stock price took a bit of a rise this week, possibly due to investor observation of their broad COVID-19 efforts and their extensive healthcare focus.

New HQ For ZMorph

ZMorph has moved to a new headquarters, hinting at business success.

How Is HP 3D Printing Responding To COVID-19?

As more 3D printing companies around the world mobilize their resources to help in pandemic, HP shares their plans of action for their digital manufacturing business.


Nokia in the News & 3D Printing

Charles Goulding of R&D Tax Savers takes a look at Nokia’s business and potential in 3D printing.

Bombardier Breakup And 3D Printing

Charles Goulding and Peter Favata of R&D Tax Savers examine Bombardier’s history and future — and use of 3D printing.


Ultimaker Lands A Breakthrough Customer

3D printer manufacturer Ultimaker announced today what I believe could be a breakthrough sale to a major client, and this could mean a lot more sales.


BigRep Ships 500th 3D Printer

BigRep hit a huge milestone with the shipment of their 500th 3D printer. We look back on how they got there.


German RepRap Acquired

German RepRap, a maker of large-format 3D printers and silicone 3D printers, has been acquired by a surprising other party.


3DQue Expands

Vancouver-based 3D printing startup 3DQue is expanding, and I’m surprised. 


RIZE Makes A Materials Deal With Sindoh

Two 3D printer companies have made an arrangement for use of materials: certain Sindoh equipment will be able to make use of RIZE materials. 


BellandTechnology Aquires Xioneer

Chemical company BellandTechnology, makers of the VXL series of 3D printing materials, has acquired industrial 3D printer maker Xioneer.

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