AMClad Now With ExOne

ExOne announced they’ve acquired the assets of Ohio-based Freshmade 3D, meaning they now own AMClad.

ExOne Under Fire After Scathing Report

In a recent article at Street Sweeper, Sonya Colberg has accused 3D Printer company ExOne of “diluting investors’ shares to raise millions just six months after its public offering”.   In the article, Colberg accuses CEO Kent Rockwell of mismanaging the firm and using it as his own “piggy-bank”. According to the report, within the… Continue reading ExOne Under Fire After Scathing Report

ExOne Stock Tumbles

The stock price of ExOne, makers of high-end commercial 3D printers specializing in sand and metal printing, took a 15% tumble yesterday – in sharp contrast to the few other 3D printing company stocks who continued to sail higher.    Why the tumble? Evidently ExOne missed analysts predictions for quarterly sales and per-share losses announced… Continue reading ExOne Stock Tumbles

ExOne Goes Public!

There are very few 3D printing companies that you can invest in. Most are privately held, with the major exceptions of 3D Systems and Stratasys – but now we hear that ExOne has “filed a registration statement for an initial public offering”. That means they intend on issuing shares to the public, pending various approvals… Continue reading ExOne Goes Public!