Stratasys Shows Fashion Fabric 3D Printing System

When will 3D printing finally change the fashion industry? It may happen soon with Stratasys’ announcement of a way to 3D print in full color directly on fabric using production processes.

$3D Printing Design

Book of the Week: 3D Printing Design

Need inspiration for 3D design? Designer and now author Francis Bitonti’s new book offers a peek into the mind of an additive manufacturing designer, whose 3D prints continue to amaze all.


Fabric 3D Printing Craze Hits

There’s a bit of a craze underway with several people exploring the process of 3D printing on fabric. 


Design of the Week: Knot Knits

This week’s selection is the amazing “Knot Knits” part set by UK artist Rob Elford.


Design of the Week: Pulmonary

This week’s selection is the peculiar “Pulmonary” earrings by British designer William Stanley. 


Is This A Thing? 3D Printed Ties?

Another exploratory 3D print business venture has launched, 3DTie, which, unsurprisingly, produces a line of 3D printed ties. 


The MODECLIX Project — A 3D Printed Fashion Collection from UH

The fashion industry has seen its fair share of 3D printed innovation, which has hit catwalks all over the world and been incorporated into the collections of designers such as Iris van Herpen, Chanel and Noa Raviv, among others. 


MADE Shows How To Capture Your Feet In 3D

A crowdfunding project has demonstrated a method of producing custom-fit shoes using 3D scanning that could be adapted for 3D printing. 


WI3DP: Rachel Nhan

Rachel Nhan was among the featured designers on the runway. Rachel became famous in the 3D Printing industry thanks to her 3D Printed Neckpiece, before even graduating!


The Many 3D Generators of Nervous System

Did you know you could design your own uniquely complex 3D models with the help of Nervous System’s set of generator apps?  


CLAWZ Pre-Order Opens

3D printed fashion nail provider CLAWZ is now selling their first product: “Phases”. 


Everyone Needs an Ancestro3D

Mexico-based Ideaz 3D is attempting to develop a very unique 3D print application, Ancestro3D.


CLAWZ Is Coming

CLAWZ is a fashion company using 3D printing to produce radical luxury press-on nails. We spoke with them to find out more. 


3Doodler to the Extreme: SHIGO X

One of the biggest winners in 3D printing crowdfunding has been 3Doodler. After a year of experience it seems they’re still finding out what’s possible with their machine. 


WonderLuk’s Curated 3D Designs

3D printers require 3D models in order to function, so it’s no surprise we see multiple startups hoping to supply great 3D models for printing. One of them is WonderLuk. 


Uformia’s Dynamic Corset

Uformia’s shape-changing 3D service has a new capability: body matching.


Kobrin’s 3D Printed Sunglasses

We’ve been contacted by an Italian-Brazilian startup that’s producing 3D printed sunglasses. 


Design of the Week: x.pose

This week’s selection is x.pose by designers Xuedi Chen and Pedro G. C. Oliveira. 


You Can Now 3D Print Personalized Insoles

RSscan and Materialise have teamed up to create RSPrint, a new joint venture that is capable of scanning human feet and 3D printing custom insoles that precisely fit the scanned human.  


PUNGAS Creates New Fashion Category

A project has invented what we believe to be an entirely new category of fashion accessory: Shoe Accessories by PUNGAS. 


Win a Free 3D Printed Flexible Bag

Conventional bag-maker Kipling has done the unconventional: created a 3D printed bag – that you might get for free.


Connex3 Tech’s Affect on 3D Printed Fashion

It’s still quite early in its lifecycle, but Stratasys’ new Connex3 color 3D printing technology is beginning to have an affect on one application: fashion.

33D Printshow

Confirming the Other Half of 3D Printing

The science of 3D printing was conceived some 30 years ago with intentions of becoming a new form of manufacturing. By 2014, that’s clearly happened. But after attending the opening event of NYC’s first 3D Printshow last night, we have another thought. 


Bow & Drape’s 3D Printing Venture

According to a report in the Wall St. Journal, New York startup Bow & Drape has raised USD$1.2M in new investment, specifically for developing new lines of customized fashion accessories using 3D printing. 


Cubify’s 3D New Content

Up to now Cubify’s 3D model content has been somewhat simplistic. Toys, simple personalized items and the like have been the staple of online 3D


Continuum Fashion Speaks

Mary Huang, co-founder of Continuum Fashion recently spoke at a LeWeb event, where she described some of their work to produce ready-to-wear 3D printed shoes. 


Design of the Week: Verlan Dress

This week’s selection is the incredible Verlan Dress by NYC designer Francis Bitonti’s team.    The dress is not only unusual in appearance but also

3D Printshow

The Fashion Show at 3D Printshow 2013

Unaccustomed to attending any fashion show, let alone a 3D printed show, we were surprised and perhaps even shocked to see startling works displayed on


Iris van Herpen’s Beyond Wilderness Shoes

If there is a fashion designer pushing the envelope of 3D printed design, it is Dutch designer Iris van Herpen. Her frequent exhibitions often shock


When 3D Printing Shoes, Start with the Heel

We’re reading a post by i.Materialise on the work of Physics PhD student Katrien Herdewyn on developing a 3D printed shoe as part of the


The Amazing 3D Printed Designs of Rob Elford

We’ve been perusing the works of UK-based artist Rob Elford, who specializes in wearable 3D printed items. Any one of his works could easily qualify


12,000 Swarovski Crystals On a 3D Printed Dress

The unlikely team of costume designer Michael Schmidt of Los Angeles and architect Francis Bitonti of Brooklyn collaborated to create the world’s “first fully articulated


More Fashion Designers Moving to 3D Printing

We may be past the pioneering stage in 3D printed fashion. While there have been several experimental forays into 3D printed clothing and accessories, we’re


The World’s First 3D Printed Dress

Recently at the Ace Hotel in in New York City, the world’s first completely 3D printed dress was unveiled. Created by Michael Schimdt and 3D


Incredible 3D Fashion Video

There’s an increasing interest in 3D printed fashions, perhaps because of the novelty of 3D printing, but we suspect also because you’re able to create


3D Printed Fashion In Paris Show

\As part of Paris Fashion Week, 3D printing giants Stratasys and Materialise collaborated with noted 3D fashion artist Iris van Herpen on her “VOLTAGE” haute


Fashion Design For 3D Printers

If you’re looking for fashion accessories produced on your own 3D printer you may have difficulty finding 3D models in public repositories. Instead you might


More 3D Printed Shoes

There’s more cool stuff from the folks at Continuum Fashion, who have previously produced a 3D printed Bikini. They’ve now released the “strvct” 3D printed


A Pair of 3D Print Fashion Designers

Mashable interviews a pair of fashion designers with a twist: they use 21st century techniques to create their items, including web-based fitting, embedded electronics, computational


Fashion and Jewelry 3D Printing Workshop

Interested in fashion or jewelry design? Want to do it with 3D printing technology? If so, you may want to attend one of the workshops

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