What Filament Should I Use?

With the dramatic increase of 3D print material availability, the choice of filament becomes far more difficult. 


What’s Up With 3D Printer Filaments?

An interesting survey was conducted by Filaments.Directory that reveals some interesting behavior by 3D printer operators. 


Do You Have Enough Filament?

One of the most aggravating questions in desktop 3D printing is: Do you have sufficient filament left to complete the print? 


Design of the Week: Spool Holder

This week’s selection is the fabulously designed Spool Holder for Prusa i3 MK2 by Martin Majewski.


The Resurrection of Village Plastics

Village Plastics, a long time manufacturer of 3D printer filament, has reappeared – but there’s a story to be told. 


Coloring Your Own 3D Printer Filament

There aren’t very many people making their own 3D printer filament, but if you do, you might want to carefully select the color. 


Hands on with Four Fiberlogy Filaments

Fiberlogy is a Polish company producing high quality 3D printer filaments, and we had the chance to test not one, but four of their materials. 


3D Print Community: Reflow

This month’s community support selection is Reflow, a project to assist third world countries through 3D printing. 


Making Your Own PEEK Filament

I’m looking at the results of an experiment done by 3devo to extrude PEEK plastic into usable 3D printer filament. 


Vendors Meeting the Need for New Plastic Filaments

In the past few weeks I’ve repeatedly seen desktop 3D printers of many brands attempting to print with unusual materials. Now it’s up to the filament vendors to meet that need. 


3D Platform’s Powerful New Extruders

You might be familiar with 3D Platform, a company dedicated to making large-format 3D printers. Now it seems they’re working on ways to make large prints much faster. 


Who Knew? Nylon PLA!

Is it nylon 3D printer filament or PLA. Actually, this product is both!


Zip Up That Filament!

In a world with increasingly powerful desktop 3D printers, your filament probably deserves a lot more attention. 


MALPRO Breaks the Filament Price Barrier

I’ve always been suspicious of low-cost 3D printer filament, as it can often be of questionable quality. However, MALPRO may have broken that barrier. 


Could E3D’s New Edge Material Top PLA and ABS?

The folks at E3D are most well-known for their very popular hot-ends, which are installed on many desktop 3D printers. Now they’ve taken a step out of bounds to produce a pretty amazing filament. 


A Better Way To Cast 3D Prints

Casting is a way some 3D print operators transform their fragile plastic prints into more durable materials, like metal. But what is the best 3D print material to do this? 


Mosaic Manufacturing Finally Ships The Palette

If you’re looking for a fascinating way to coax your monocolor 3D printer into producing multiple colors, you can now obtain a Palette from Mosaic Manufacturing.


What Would A FrankenFilament Be Like?

Just as there are many desktop 3D printers, there are as many different kinds of filament for them. But what might an ideal filament be? 


Loose Spools Of Filament: Just Don’t

Recently we attempted to use a loose spool of filament in the lab, but quickly found major problems and suggest vendors adjust their filament packaging methods. 

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