What Would A FrankenFilament Be Like?

Just as there are many desktop 3D printers, there are as many different kinds of filament for them. But what might an ideal filament be? 


Loose Spools Of Filament: Just Don’t

Recently we attempted to use a loose spool of filament in the lab, but quickly found major problems and suggest vendors adjust their filament packaging methods. 


Sculptable Filament Coming Soon

A new style of 3D printer filament is being developed by Adam Beane Industries that will enable you to post-process your print by sculpting.


Alternative Industrial Filaments

A vendor provides plug-compatible plastic filament for commercial FDM machines, but there could be a risk in using them. 


Biodegradable ABS 3D Printer Filament?

We’re looking at an offering from 3DPrintLife, who now sell a peculiar bio-friendly version of ABS plastic they call “Enviro”. 


WillowFlex: Flexible, Friendly Filament

Berlin-based BioInspiration has produced a new flexible 3D printer filament that has an unusual property: it’s compostable. 


Hands On With Verbatim’s 3D Printer Filaments

We tested samples of several filaments from Verbatim, who have recently entered the market for 3D printer supplies, and were very impressed with the results. 


3D Printing By The Gram?

A new crowdfunding campaign is attempting what they believe to be a new business model: printing by the gram. We’re not so sure it’s new. 


Why Good Quality Filament Matters

Sometimes it’s tempting to buy the cheapest possible 3D printer filament, but that’s not always the best idea. 


Eco 3D Filament’s Unique Material Offerings

In the increasingly crowded 3D printer plastic filament market, it’s harder for companies to distinguish themselves. Czech-based Eco 3D Filament may have just done that. 


MakerBot’s Unusual New Materials

MakerBot did not announce any new machines this week, but they did announce some rather unusual filaments. 


Is 3D Printer Filament a Commodity?

While most 3D printer manufacturers would prefer you use their in-house plastic filament in their equipment, we’re wondering whether filament is nearing “commodity” stage.


The Quant 3D Q1000 3D Printer

A new industrial 3D printer from OK International and partner Tiertime could shake things up in company labs.


Parfait Printing Provides Color Prints

Your Wild World, a curiously named 3D printing startup, hopes to deliver multicolor 3D prints on your existing personal 3D printer.


The Strooder Filament Maker

OmniDynamics is a Bristol (UK) based company that launched a Kickstarter campaign this past June to develop a compact, accessible and robust filament extruder. 


A Filament Monitor for MakerBots

Have you had a bad experience running out of filament during a print? There’s a solution for that. 

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