Future Bioprinting Faces Unknown Regulations

An intriguing piece by The Conversation provokes some thinking into the future regulatory environment that might face bioprinting, a form of 3D printing that is rapidly advancing.

intellectual property

3D Printing and the Law

We’re going to take a look at a few key ways in which the law can impact 3D printing.

$Markforged vs Desktop Metal

Markforged Files Claim Against Desktop Metal, Again

A lawsuit between Markforged and Desktop Metal? The two companies begin court battle again with Markforged claiming disparaging marketing material by Desktop Metal.


Union Tech USA Fails

An announcement on Union Tech’s USA website indicates they are shutting down their business.


The Legalities of 3D Printing

As 3D printing continues to see adoption in industry, legal implications must be kept in mind: we speak to Elizabeth (Beth) D. Ferrill of IP law firm Finnegan.

3D Systems

Be Very, Very Careful With Your Customer Data

I’m reading a fascinating legal complaint by 3D Systems against one of their former employees and his new employer, and there’s lessons to be had by all 3D printing companies here. 


3D Printing: Should You Go Open Source?

Although it’s possible that patents have existed since the time of the Ancient Greeks, the Venetian Patent Statute is more widely recognized as the first official patent system.


What’s Up With the Terms of Use for the New MakerBot Print Software?

Just last week, MakerBot announced a new product lineup—hardware and software included—geared towards professionals and educators that MakerBot CEO Jonathan Jaglom said was the result of a “cultural shift” at the company as they gained further insight into the specific needs of the professional market.


No Change: The Risks Continue For 3D Printing Usage

A piece in Forbes entitled, “When 3D Printing Gets Into The Wrong Hands”, discusses the risks and challenges enabled by 3D printing. It’s all true and it’s the same as it ever was. 


3D Printing As Expert Court Witness?

We’re reading an interesting report from The Expert Institute where they describe the increasing use of 3D prints in court. 


Australia to Regulate 3D Printed Weapons?

The Australian Senate’s Legal and Constitutional Affairs References Committee has recommended new legislation specifically to regulate 3D printed firearms. Should they do this? 


How to License Your 3D Prints

While it’s now become easy for many to create 3D designs and produce 3D prints, few are aware of ways to properly license them. A new paper explains how. 


Counterfeiting and 3D Printing: Not Likely

A piece in WIRED suggests society had better fear future rampant copying of objects through the use of 3D printing. We disagree. Strongly.


3D Printed Gun Maker Jailed

Yoshitomo Imura, a Japanese 3D printing ehthusiast, has been jailed for two years for manufacturing 3D printed guns. 


YouMagine Takes On a Big Challenge

The folks at YouMagine, Ultimaker’s online repository of downloadable 3D objects, have begun development of a new open source license for 3D printed items. They need your help.


The Dirty Details on a 3D Model Theft

We’re reading a very detailed account of the theft and exploitation of a 3D model theft that recently took place – and was successfully resolved. 


Backlash to MakerBot’s Patents Grows

The knowledge that MakerBot has apparently patented designs given to them by their community is spreading and some folks are upset. 


The Defensive Patent License

A large portion of the 3D printing community is within the open source world, while the rest is commercially oriented. Conflicts have occurred, but now there could be a way to reduce them. 


The Tables Turn for 3D Printer Control Advocate

The California State Senator who introduced proposed legislation to regulate 3D printers for fear of uncontrolled 3D printed guns has been ironically charged with firearms trafficking. 


The Staggering Implications of Afinia’s Countersuit

After last week’s blockbuster announcement of Afinia’s response to Stratasys’ allegations of patent infringement, we got thinking about what this might mean.    We’re anxiously


Extending the Ban on 3D Printed Weapons

A story in the Guardian describes the work by New York Senator Chuck Schumer to extend the ban on “undetectable guns” before it expires on


Implications of the Stratasys – Afinia Lawsuit

By now you’ve no doubt heard that Stratasys has launched a major lawsuit against Afinia for alleged violations of several Stratasys patents. We examined these


Details of the Stratasys – Afinia Lawsuit

We’ve been reading more about this week’s legal action by Stratasys against personal 3D printer marketer Afinia, who are alleged to have violated several of


Stratasys Sues Afinia

3D printing giant Stratasys launched legal action against Afinia, a marketer of personal 3D printers. The statement from Stratasys says:    Afinia’s sale, promotion and


3D Printing Fears Jump the Shark

With the deployment of personal 3D printers to thousands of private homes, it was inevitable that some people would focus on the bad instead of


Fabulonia to Protect 3D Designs

Startup Fabulonia has a new concept that could provide significant protection to designers fearful of losing control of their works.    As we understand it,


Patent Issued for Digital Manufacturing

After years of process, US patent number 8,515,826 has been issued to Bryan Norman of KraftWurx fame. While there are billions of patents appearing, many


Four MakerBot Digitizer Implications

We’re certain most of you have heard of MakerBot’s latest device: The Digitizer. It’s a relatively inexpensive 3D scanner designed for prosumer use. As the


HBO Clips a 3D Print Artist

HBO has squashed a new 3D printed product by nuPROTO 3D print artist Fernando Sosa.    The product, “Throne Dock” is an iPhone/Android docking station


3D Printed Sports Logos: Illegal?

Boston, Massachusetts is the original home of ZCorp, now owned by 3D Systems. It’s also the home of the Boston Bruins NHL hockey club, currently


Who Should Disney Sue for 3D Printing Mickey?

There’s an interesting piece at Intellectual Property Brief by Brianna Ford that looks at the legal scenario involved when copyright, trademark or patent items are


Are 3D Printers Scary?

We’re reading a post by Shelly Palmer of Huffington Post entitled, “3D Printing is Way Scarier Than Plastic Guns”. Palmer describes the recent 3D printed


3D Printers: Banned?

That could be the outcome of a proposal from California state senator Leland Yee of San Francisco. Upon reviewing recent reports of 3D printable weapons,


New Zealand Panics Over 3D Printing

A report from New Zealand’s 3 News shows big concerns about 3D printing are brewing in that Pacific nation. Minister of Customs Maurice Williamson has


Controversy At 3DLT

You may not have heard about 3DLT. It’s an online “innovation hub” that attempts to provide 3D creators a web presence for marketing their designs.


Another Legal Tangle for 3D Printing

Dezeen interviewed writer Adrian Mars, who brings up an interesting legal complication that potentially could derail some 3D printing ventures.    We’ve written in the


Congress To Ban 3D Printed Weapons?

US Representative Steve Israel of Long Island, NY proposes an extension to a law banning “undetectable weapons”, due to his fears of widespread 3D printed


Formlabs Vs. 3D Systems

Even more 3D Systems news today! Perhaps this was inevitable, but 3D printing giant 3D Systems has filed lawsuits against Kickstarter-fueled Formlabs, who recently closed


Preventing 3D Printed Piracy… Or What?

A patent has been awarded to The Invention Science Fund, an organization holding patents for former Microsoft CTO Nathan Myhrvold’s Intellectual Ventures company.   What

Phenix Systems Defends Its Position

You may recall our post the other week regarding a lawsuit filed by 3D printer manufacturer EOS against Phenix Systems. We were contacted by a


Should You Protect Your 3D Design?

You’ve spent hours to create the perfect 3D model in your favorite 3D tool. Do you own this digital property? Probably, but can you prove


Intellectual Property Rights vs 3D Printing

In a post on Tech.pinions, reporter Steve Wildstrom writes his thoughts on the collision of 3D printing and intellectual property rights, which we’ve discussed previously


Thingiverse Terms Changed

3D Model download site Thingiverse has made a dramatic change in its licensing terms. As most startups tend to do, the initial version of legal

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